Sometimes called a corbel, a console, or a modillion, a bracket is an element which projects from a wall to support a weight, or, in the case of plaster brackets, give the illusion of supporting weight.

100 Series

Items in this group are used primarily as decorative accent pieces, with no specific architectural function, ranging from small to large in size.

BR101 Angel Bracket

200 Series

These are medium-sized standard archway brackets, typically found in Bay Area Victorians.

BR212 Diana

300 Series

The modillion series. A modillion is a horizontal bracket, in the form of a scroll with acanthus leaf detailing, usually seen supporting a cornice.

BR310 Single Tongue With Bead

400 Series

The largest of our brackets fall into this category, either oversized interior archway brackets or large fašade modillions. Make a statement.

BR409 Bellevue