Our catalog is an archive of the architectural details created or restored by Lorna Kollmeyer Ornamental Plaster over the past twenty years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our patterns represent a variety of architectural styles, including Classical, Victorian, Edwardian, Mediterranean, Deco and more. We offer a superb collection - a massive selection of ornamental patterns available to you, our customers, to assist in your own restoration and architectural projects.

The items are grouped into category, with a brief definition of each type of item for those of you new to architectural terminology. Within each category items are grouped as much as possible by size or other similar characteristics.

Photographs are not to scale, so check measurements carefully.

We pride ourselves in the crisp detail of our castings. The ornaments we produce are cast with great care from traditional gypsum (plaster), and are reinforced with sisal fiber, fiberglass, wood, or other appropriate materials.